Defense equipment company

Providing Solutions to our First Responders

Defense Equipment Company provides solutions to our customers by utilizing our product experience, understanding customer requirements, quality vendors, and strong customer service. 

Below are a few examples of quality vendors and products:

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Ricochet Structural FireFighting Gear

  • Maximum Mobility Gear
  • Maximum MobilityTM and "Kinetic KontrolTM" technology provides a dynamic balance in patterns designed for freedom of movement with zero re
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  • Propane Fire Training Trailers
  • With consideration to the training objectives of NFPA 1001, and the safety requirements of NFPA 1403, each model is designed to meet specific training objectives that best fit your agency’s training requirements and available budget.
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  • The MobileDetect App
  • Drug & Narcotic Detection on your smartphone with automated detection through the app, the user does not have to reference color charts and detection is not reliant on individual perception or at risk of human error.